Lab News Archive


  • Experiments show the global and decades-long effects of habitat fragmentation [PDF reprint]
  • Erik and Frances’ new paper about restoration for a rare butterfly [PDF reprint], and Erik interviewed in Scientific American [read article]
  • Erica’s new paper on the population size of Miami Blue butterfly – [PDF reprint]
  • Heather’s new paper explains how temperature affects butterfly emergence and abundance – [PDF reprint]
  • Bioscience interviews Julian and Nick about landscape corridors – [read article]



  • Laura Martin writes about St. Francis’ satyrs, and endangered species on military lands for Smithsonian Magazine [article]


  • Nick talks to Science about a large new connectivity experiment, The Metatron. [article].
  • Nick discusses conservation planning for connectivity around Ft. Bragg, NC in the Fayetteville Observer [article]


  • Rob reveals Nick and Allison’s argument about what is the rarest butterfly in Smithsonion Magazine [article].
  • The corridor project weighs large in summing up the evidence for the creation of wildlife corridors in an e360 article.
  • St. Francis’ satyr featured in Wildlife in North Carolina and the Endangered Species Bulletin.
  • Allison provides an update on the conservation and restoration of Crystal Skippers in Coastwatch [article].
  • Nick discusses what we’ve learned from the Corridor Project on Curiouser and Curiouser with Jai Ranganathan [podcast]


  • Raleigh News and Observer article about the lab’s work on conservation of rare Carolina gopher frogs at Ft. Bragg.
  • Fayetteville Observer article about 10th anniversary of the NC Sandhills Conservation Partnership.



  • NC State Press Release discussing results of paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Nick discusses with the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) the conservation implications of Cadotte, et al.’s 2008 paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on using phylogenetic diversity to predict the functioning of ecosystems.


  • Allison’s work on the rare Crystal Skipper is featured in NC SeaGrant’s publication, Coastwatch.


  • Ellen on NPR’s Morning Edition discussing Science article by Ellen, Nick, and the Corridor Research Group that showed corridors increase plant diversity, and have the greatest impacts on native species of restoration interest.
  • NC State Press Release reporting the new SERDP grant to study connectivity for multiple animal species of conservation concern in and around military lands in longleaf pine ecosystems.


  • Collaborator Doug Levey on NPR’s All Things Considered discussing Science article by the Corridor Research Group that showed local bird behaviors can be used to predict the effects of corridors on the long distance dispersal of fruiting plants.
  • Accompanying feature article in Science, and NC State and National Science Foundation Press Releases on the Science article.




  • ScienceNOW article on Ecology (2003) paper showing that many different types of species, including butterflies, small mammals, and plants, preferentially move through corridors.